Assign Delegate

Lesson for full-time recruitment process

If required – perform this action, before proceeding to the next step, to assign a delegate for the full-time recruitment process. 

Please be advised – there is a Known Issue when executing this process.

Learn how to get around this issue.


A step-by-step overview video also exists for this lesson. Please take a few minutes to watch it now.

Note for Managers:

  1. The delegate will have to wait until the next day to access Recruitment as HRMS needs to refresh the employee’s security role overnight.
  2. A Hiring Manager Delegate must be an FT employee performing recruitment-type activities for full-time (FT) and non–full-time (NFT) hiring on behalf of the manager. It is a security and permissioned role assigned by the Manager through a delegation on HRMS. Delegates can create job requisitions for full-time and non-full-time hiring; create offers for part time contracts; and conduct employee assignment searches. Delegates execute these actions through an Enhanced Employee Direct Access (EDA) view.  

1. Sign in to the HRMS using your single sign-on ID and password.

2. Click ‘Roles and Delegations’.

3. Under ‘Role Delegations’ click ‘+Add’.

4. Select ‘HBR Hiring Manager’ as the ‘Role Name’.

5. Select the ‘Start Date’, ‘End Date’ (if applicable), and under ‘Delegated to’, select the employee you are delegating the role to.

6. Click ‘Save’.

Note: Click the ‘Edit’ icon to edit or remove a delegation.