Schedule Maintenance-Non Full-Time Instructor Contract with Differed Hours 

Learn how to perform this action in the HRMS.

Please be advised – there is a Known Issue when executing this process.

Learn how to get around this issue.


1. Sign into the HRMS using your single sign-on ID and password.

2. Click My Team.

3. Click Manage Time Cards.

4. The Time Management Dashboard provides a summary of the team’s time card statuses.

4.1 Select the From Date and the To Date and status of the time cards will appear based on the selected date range.

4.2 Click on each status to view the details of time cards.

Submitted status will show time Submitted by employees.
Saved status will show time cards Saved by employees.
Entered status will show time cards Entered by employees.
Approved status will show time cards Approved by the manager.

** Only SUBMITTED time cards will generate a bell notification to the manager. ** 

4.3 Click Team Time Cards on the left side to create and edit time cards.

5. Click Team Time Cards.

6. Click on + to add time.

Note: A ‘Create Time Card’ window pops up.

7. Enter name in the following format: Last name, First name.

8. Select the date on the calendar you are entering or reducing hours for.

9. Click OK.

Note: You are directed to the Manage Time Cards screen.

10. Choose the Assignment Number from the drop-down menu.

Note: This page allows you to enter time for multiple assignments (if applicable). For example, if you need to enter time for a second assignment, you can select the next row to add hours for that assignment. 

Ensure the correct assignment number has been selected.

To find out the different assignment numbers associated with different managers, you can follow these steps: Click on My Team, select the employee you are creating the time card for, click on More Information (…) beside the employee’s name, click on Employment Info. Once on the Employment Info work area, you can see your Assignment Number in the Assignment window.

All the Managers will see the employee’s submitted hours of the multiple assignments on a time card.

Learn how to check for an employee’s correct assignment number. 


11. Select the Payroll Time Type.

Note: This page allows you to enter more than one different time type based on employee eligibility. For example, you can enter the regular hours on the first row, and any applicable exceptions on the next row.

Note: Please ensure to use the ‘Stat Holiday’ Payroll Time Type if an NFT instructor worked during a public holiday. 

Important: If a NFT instructor is working more hours than indicated on their contract, you will have to add hours with the ‘Regular Hourly’ Payroll Time Type.

To reduce hours for a NFT Instructor, you will have to deduct from the standard weekly hour with the ‘Unpaid Leave’ Payroll Time Element. For example, if the contract states 6 hours per week and in week 9, the instructor is working 2 hours, select ‘Unpaid Leave’ to reduce the 4 hours. ‘Unpaid Leave’ will auto approve.

12. Enter the Start and the Stop times for the payroll time types entered.

Important: Enter a time in the same format as this example: 3:45 PM. Add the ‘start’ and ‘stop’ time of the difference from the standard weekly hours and add a daily comment to indicate ‘Unpaid Leave – off schedule hours’. Instructors will see the difference on their paystub as an ‘Unpaid Leave’.

Reading weeks scheduled as indicated on the academic calendar will be automatically placed on a “0” hour schedule. Managers and/or Delegates will create and approve the time card for hours worked during reading week.

13. Click on Next.

14.Review the entries.

15. Click on Submit.

16. Click OK.

Approve Time Card Process

Note: Approval process is not applicable to Time Card Editors delegate role.

17.Click My Team.

18.Click Manage Time Cards.

19. Enter Person Name and/or Person Number.

20. Enter From Date and To Date.

21. Under Status field and select Submitted from the drop-down.

22. Click on Search.

23.Highlight the Time Card and click on Approve.

Note: A confirmation note pops up to confirm the approvals