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How can I access my T2200S Tax Form?

To access your T2200S Tax Form, please follow the steps below.  Alternatively, you can visit the step-by-step instructions, Download T2200S Tax Form.

  1. On your HRMS dashboard under ‘Quick Actions’ menu click on ‘Document Records’
  2. On the ‘Document Records’ page, click ‘x’ to remove filters to the right of ‘Show Filters’.
    Screenshot of HRMS "Documents Records" page with "Payroll" and "Expired" filters highlighted
  3. Your T2200S document will appear in the results. Click the ‘glasses’ icon to view.
    Screenshot of HRMS "Documents Records" page displaying the available T2200S document
  4. For step-by-step instructions to view, print and download your T2200S, please visit Download T2200S Tax Form.

For additional questions or to request a T2200 form, please contact