To find out more about any of the products and services offered by the Organizational Effectiveness Department, please contact the:

OE Team

Dawn Bassant | Director, Organizational Effectiveness

Candice Warner-Barrow | OE Project/Portfolio Lead/PM

Elizabeth McPherson | Talent Specialist

David Teixeira | Talent Specialist

Cheryl Pinto | Change & Training Specialist

Anant Prabhakar | Change Management Specialist

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L&D Calendar| Spring & Summer Training

Register for training offered by the Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness Division. This training is specially curated, internally provided programs that are available for faculty and staff to build their professional competencies. These programs are typically offered by in-house trainers or third party vendors and are generally short programs or workshops between one (1) to three (3) days in duration.

These programs are available to all full-time (admin, support and academic), part-time (admin, academic regular part-time, and regular support staff) and partial load employees under contract.

Training calendars cover Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer and vary in offerings to support core, leadership and technical competencies.