Hybrid Work Training LogoVIDEO SERIES

Video 1:

An Introduction to Hybrid Working Arrangements

An introductory video to the Hybrid Work Training Video Series (7 minutes)

Video 2:

Deciding Who Works in a Hybrid Working Arrangement

How to decide which teams or team members are best suited for hybrid work (10 minutes)

Video 3:

What a Hybrid Working Arrangement Looks Like

A glimpse into different options for hybrid work (6 minutes)

Video 4:

Considerations for any Changes to the Physical Workspace Supporting Hybrid Working Arrangements

Preparing for physical changes that may be needed in shared workspaces (5 minutes)

Video 5:

Technology Needs to Support Hybrid Working Arrangements

Technology considerations to prepare for hybrid working (10 minutes)

Video 6:

Supporting Team Effectiveness in Hybrid Working Arrangements

How to support your team for success during hybrid work (3 minutes)

Video 7:

Effective Communications when Establishing Hybrid Working Arrangements

How and what should be communicated in a hybrid working arrangement (4 minutes)

Video 8:

Applying Change Management Principles in Hybrid Working Arrangements

Effective change management practices for hybrid work (7 minutes)