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About the program:

The RBC Grad-Ready Program at Humber will assist Indigenous students and recent graduates during their first year of employment and is an important resource to help students navigate their job search. The program will provide Indigenous students and graduates with resources that enable them to reach their full academic and professional potential while also helping them to build the skills they need to obtain employment in their desired sector. The program will include an orientation session and resources for students and graduates, including:

  • Identifying potential employment opportunities
  • Assisting with resume writing, interview preparation and providing networking opportunities
  • Conducting skills assessments to evaluate and prepare students for their desired career path
  • Encouraging and sharing Employment Information for Indigenous Students

Through this program, students are able to cultivate workplace skills and build relationships with potential employers, leading to increased opportunities to embark on a meaningful career. Dedicated resources are available to empower Indigenous students and recent graduates at Humber to get their career started on the right path.

If you are a Humber alumni or Indigenous industry professional looking to get involved in this program for speaking engagements, panels, career advice, or networking events, please send us an email at

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