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To help our community deal with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Humber Lakeshore Quaranteam has put together the following list of seven challenges that span seven days each. Consider picking one to try, or for those that are adventurous, try them all at once! These activities are meant to foster community and connection, while engaging in acts of gratitude and kindness that research has shown can impact wellbeing.

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1. Reach Out!

Find 7 contacts in your phone that you normally don’t have time to connect with. Schedule a call with one different person each day for seven days.

2. Culture Shock

There is an endless array of museums to visit and concerts to watch. Fill up your social calendar with seven different events over the next week. Take time to walk through the Louvre, or attend a concert from one of your favourite artist's living rooms.

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3. Gratitude Journal

Each day, think of 7 things you are grateful for. Write them down and return to this list to add 7 more each day for the entire week. At the end of the week as you review the list, make a plan to reach out to any people that may have ended up on this list and share why you are grateful.

4. DIY

Try a different hobby each day for seven days. Try a drawing class one day, and writing the next. At the end of the week pick the one you liked the most and try doing a week of lessons or practice.

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5. It’s a date!

Remember the time when we used to gather? Seems like years ago. List seven events you are looking forward to doing again. Create a small scrapbook and send an invitation to those you want to join you once we make it through this. 

6. Wellness retreat

Try a different wellness activity each day for seven days in a row. Maybe meditation on Monday, and yoga on Tuesday. With so many gyms offering free lessons that can be done at home, there are no excuses not to try.

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7. Pen and ink

Our lives are filled with emails. Take a step back and put pen to paper and write one letter a day for seven days. The mail is still running, and if you don’t want to use that service, consider writing letters to people within walking distance so you can leave it on their doorstep.

Bonus Challenge

Give yourself permission to not try any. These are challenging times, and sometimes the greatest challenge is to allow yourself to slow down and step away. This list will be here when you get back… I promise. Always start by taking care of yourself.

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