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Humber Craft & Hobby Resources

people knitting

Humber Boutique

Live knitting nights Thursdays at 4:30 on Instagram @HumberBoutique.

people sitting by the water

Sustain Humber

Office of sustainability has challenges and crafts on Instagram and Twitter @sustainhumber.


See what skills and hobbies Humber folks are practicing!

Follow the hashtag to see more.

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bread icon Baking and Cooking

running shoe icon Home Workouts

plant icon Gardening

drawing icon Painting and Drawing

mask icon Sewing Masks

puzzle icon Puzzles and Games

binoculars icon Bird Watching

knitting icon Knitting and Crochet

blocks icon Teaching Children New Skills

Meditation icon Meditation and Yoga

piano icon Learning to Play Instruments

Other Craft and Hobby Ideas and Resources


Maintain your social distancing or compile a home workout routine. There is no shortage of free online routines you can find to get started.


Now is your chance to catch up on all those books on your shelf or your tablet. If you don't have books at home, you can purchase online through amazon or the kindle app.


For the cost of flour, sugar, milk, and yeast, you can teach yourself the art of baking.

Pickling and Canning

If pickles or jam interest you, make your own! Buy whatever produce is on sale and learn how to preserve it by googling recipes.


Now that we are all spending a lot of time from home during this pandemic so why not increase your cooking skills to eat fancy meals at home.


Jot your daily thoughts in an app on your phone, or scribble passing thoughts on scraps of junk mail. If you really want to get into writing, consider starting a blog to share your thoughts with the world. Challenge yourself to writing 1 poem a day.


Now is the chance to watch those YouTube tutorials and learn a live-long skill.


Whether you're into lush rose gardens or utilitarian vegetable patches, gardening is a fun and cheap way to get some fresh air.


Coding unlocks so many doors. Why not try an online course.

Play an instrument

Take the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument. You can learn to play an instrument on the cheap. Check out the Buy, and Sell pages on Facebook for a second-hand instrument then YouTube tutorials to learn how to play.

Write A Song

If you are creative, try your hand at writing a song.


Its simple, all you need is a crochet hook and thread.

Learn a new language

There are many free apps and sites that teach you a new language in no time.


Take time to practice mindfulness and stillness through meditation. There are many free YouTube tutorials.

Restoring furniture

If you have old furniture that needs a touch up or just redecorating, try purchasing easy to use chalk paint to make your old furniture be new again.

Learn magic

Learn the sleight of hand, palming, the riffle force, or card tricks on the cheap with YouTube tutorials.

Doing comedy

If you love performing and making people chuckle, consider doing a comedy routine on Zoom for your friends.


Build your own fan base by hosting a podcast on any topic you want while you are in quarantine.


Yoga is a great way to destress from your day. There are free Yoga tutorials on YouTube anyone can access.


Find scraps in your home and it can be a cheap hobby and a fun way to preserve memories.

Watercolor painting

Purchase watercolours from a Dollarama or purchase a colour by numbers online for an easy hobby.

Teach Your Pet Tricks

They probably already know the basic commands, try to teach them something more challenging, like 'play dead'.


Use you DSLR or Iphone to get started. Try your hand at a few photos and even learn how to do basic photo editing.


You can buy the paper and special pens for this low-cost hobby on Amazon, and google videos online to teach you various fonts.


Now is the time to do some spring cleaning.

Conquer puzzles

Putting something back together can be a peaceful and powerful act during these times. Why not try your hand at a 1000+ piece puzzle or a 3D puzzle.

Binge every episode of a retro TV show

Why not take the time to relive some of your memories with old tv shows and movies from your childhood or teenage years.

Start a remote club

Book club, wine club, recipe club; stay connected with like-minded people remotely while all enjoying something you love.