tips for success

1) Before studying:

  • Determine what will be on the exam. Look at your syllabus/ course outline.
  • Take notes on both your readings and lectures (take a look at “notetaking”
  • Condense your notes into a simplified study sheet
  • Find practice problems. Use your textbook, previous versions of the textbook, past quizzes, past exams

2) While studying:

  • Use your condensed notes to study
  • Chunk your study sessions (see time management)
  • Use flash cards (see memory and concentration)

3) Exam day: Use D.E.T.E.R.

  • Directions: Read directions carefully. Ask for clarification
  • Examine: Look at the entire test
  • Time: Decide how much time you want to spend on each item, more marks = more time (this could be done before the exam if you know the format)
  • Easiest: Answer easiest questions first
  • Review: Make sure you completed all the questions


4) After the exam 

  • Reflect on the exam experience
  • Find out the correct answers because they may come up again


For more tips, watch our videos