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Phases of group work

  • Initiate ground rules – try one of the Humber group work contracts as a guide for rules to set
  • Brainstorm as a group ways to complete the group project (e.g., divide up work, work together on each part)
  • Agree on one plan and stick to it
  • Doing the work- refer to the syllabus/ assignment guidelines to ensure project is being completed as outlined
  • Set up group member check-in points to ensure everyone is completing their parts
  • Evaluating work - each member should review the work before it is submitted

Humber group work contracts:

Group work contract 

Group presentations 

In-class group learning activities


Common Group Conflicts:

Group members are late/ meeting go on too long

  • Set up a start and end time for the meeting, and stick to it
  • Think of other ways you can meet as a group without needing to meet in person e.g., on skype, facebook, etc

A group member does not do any work

  • Have rules set up at the start of the project on what to do when someone does not do their part . Try using a group work contract
  • Talk to the person to figure out why they have not done the work
  • Talk to your professor about the situation

A group member dominates every meeting

  • Set up a rule that the leadership role will rotate each meeting
  • One member can approach the student and have a private conversation on how their actions are affecting others
  • If the group member become aggressive and you feel unsafe about the situation, talk to your instructor

You should always feel safe and be able to produce your best work. If problems arise in your group that cannot be resolved, talk with your instructor and inform them of the situation.