tips for success

Know how much money you have and where it is going

Try out a budget calculator to give you an idea of where your money is going:

Guelph-Humber (most basic)

Government of Canada

Royal Bank of Canada

What can you cut back on and what can you do?

Food purchases:

  • Set a weekly limit on how much you want to spend on food purchases on campus 
  • Save some money by packing your own lunch and snacks
  • Bring your own coffee and tea, or bring a reusable themos for coffee/ tea discounts

Student discounts:

  • Ask stores and restaurants if they have student rates
  • Check for movies discount days for students
  • Open a student bank account (free banking)
  • Check for student rates for travel (bus, train, airfare) 
  • Ask for student rate cellphone plans, internet, and tv cable
  • Use Humber gym instead of paying for additional gyms

Need more money?

Humber financial aid 

Consider getting a part time job on campus. Access postings on Career Services job portal for Humber students and for Guelph-Humber students