tips for success

For difficult courses with lots of memorization, try these tips:

Create a study space

  • Find a place that you can leave your stuff
  • Have all your study materials gathered (textbooks, paper, laptop, pens, calculator, past tests, etc)
  • Good lighting
  • Quiet

Condense your notes

  • Make notes on lectures, textbooks, and readings
  • Find past test questions or practice exam questions 
  • Combine all of your notes on one topic/ section into small flash cards or a single sheet of paper
    • shorten the notes your made into lists, key words, short summaries
    • include important diagrams/ charts
    • relevant test questions and answers
  • Repeat process for all of the other sections in your course 
  • Bring your condensed notes with you to repeat your review as often as you can

Memorizing information

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