tips for success

Stress is not always bad, it can motivate you to do better.
Build your resiliency and bounce back when things don’t go your way

Articulate your problem: What specifically is causing your stress? School? Life at home? Money? Online platform? For issues with Blackboard Learn refer to Humber OLC videos 

Remember to breathe: When we are stressed, we forget to breathe, take a few deep breaths and then think about the solution.

Focus on solutions: What can you do to reduce the stress? Depending on the root cause, the other workshops we offer may help you!

Ask for help:  Lots of services are available on campus for different issues you may be facing:

Get a peer tutor  
Drop in math help at the Math and Writing Centre 
Drop in writing help at the Math and Writing Centre 
Research Help (Library Services) 

Health and Counselling
Advising Services
​First Year Experience – Peer Mentors
Black Academic Success & Engagement (BASE)
LGBTQ Resource Centre
International Centre – Permits and Visa information

Quick tips for better sleep 

Evaluate your room

  • Get rid of lights in your room- blue light (like your phone) causes you to stay awake, sleep mask
  • Reduce disruptive noises, remove loud clocks, try a “white noise” machine, fans ear plugs

Your phone

  • Set your phone and screens to the “night” setting a few hours before bed. It reduces the blue light that keeps you awake
  • Avoid using your phone before bed.
  • Avoid checking your phone at night.

Running thoughts in your mind

  • Keep a notepad by your bed. If you have thoughts rushing through your mind, write them down to get them out of your head and read it in the morning
  • Avoid doing homework or studying in your bed, this makes you associate anxiety with your bed

Follow a regular sleep schedule

  • Make small adjustments, try to sleep 15 min earlier each night
  • Once you adjust your time, be consistent
  • Practice a bedtime routine- e.g. breathing exercise
  • When it’s time to wake up, open your curtains and let the light in- this will help you wake up

For more tips, watch our videos or look at some additional resources:

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