tips for success


Where did the time go? Student life can be very hectic. The key is to manage your time so you can succeed. 

Reduce distractions

  • Create a list of things that distract you and what you can do about each one
  • Make a designated study space
    • Pick a quiet location with few distractions
    • Put your phone a bit out of reach to reduce temptations
    • Log out of social media 
    • Gather all your study materials in this study space (notes, textbooks, pens, paper, etc)

Refer to your syllabus for due dates and test dates

  • Highlight all of your assignment due dates and test dates 

  • Mark these dates down on a semester schedule

  • Break down each assignment into tasks and mark down the due dates on your semester schedule
  • Break down studying for an exam into smaller chunks. For example, assign completion of a topic or chapter at the end of each week
  • Mark down these smaller task dates on your weekly schedule to make the most of your week 

For more tips, watch our videos or look at some additional resources: