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Academic Honesty of Faculty and Staff Policy

Effective Date: November 23, 2012
Downloadable Version: PDF ICON Academic Honesty of Faculty and Staff Policy
Related Procedure(s): PDF ICON Allegations of a Breach of Academic Honesty of Faculty and Staff
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Academic honesty is central to the learning environment enjoyed by all members of The Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning (hereafter referred to as “Humber” or “the College”) and an expectation of all Humber applicants, students, faculty and staff. A breach of academic honesty is considered to be an offense against the academic integrity of the learning environment. This policy is intended to ensure adherence to Humber’s standard of honesty and scholarly integrity in all activities relating to teaching, supervision, research, administrative and consultative work of faculty and staff and to protect the academic integrity of the institution.


The policy applies to all faculty and staff of the College and to all activities related to teaching and learning, supervision, research, administrative and consultative work.

All policies and procedures surrounding Academic Honesty and breaches of Academic Honesty concerning applicants and students of the College are dealt with in Section 12 of the Academic Regulations.


Academic Honesty: is the adherence to appropriate principles or standards in the pursuit of all academic and professional activities.

Breach of Academic Honesty: is broadly defined as an offence against the academic integrity of the learning environment, which includes but is not limited to, instances of  misrepresentation of personal credentials or achievement, plagiarism,  deception, fabrication, bribery, falsification and undisclosed conflicts of interest.


  1. Humber expects high standards of education and training and requires that all members of the College community be committed to academic honesty and scholarly integrity in their educational and professional activities.
  2. All members of the Humber community including faculty, staff and students are responsible for detecting and reporting any suspected breaches of academic honesty and participating in any investigation.
  3. Any allegation of a breach of academic honesty concerning faculty and staff will be submitted in writing to the President or his/her designate. The privacy of all individual(s) will be protected during the complaint process.


Admissions Requirements and Academic Regulations for Degree, Diploma and Certificate Studies, Section 12 ( Humber’s Academic Regulations provide very specific regulations for students pertaining to acts of academic dishonesty, misrepresentation of personal performance, and damage to the integrity of scholarly exchanges.)

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