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Curriculum Change Policy

Effective Date: September 30, 2013
Downloadable Version: PDF ICON Curriculum Change Policy
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The intent of this policy is to ensure that The Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning’s (hereafter referred to as ” Humber”) approved programs maintain currency while ensuring  compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities' Binding Policy Directive, Framework for Programs of Instruction and/or other Ministry requirements relating to delivery and funding as prescribed by the Ontario College Credential Validation Service.


This policy includes curriculum changes that are categorized as either course changes or program changes.


Curriculum Change includes:
a) Course Changes - changes to the course title, hours of delivery, credits, pre-requisites, co­requisites, course sequence or semester.

b) Program Changes - changes to program title, number of semesters, number of program hours, number of program credits, revisions to program outcomes or focus, as well as new or amendments to field placements, work semesters or practicum assignments.


  1. Course and program changes must be approved by the Dean or Associate Dean of the School and the Dean, Program Planning, Development and Renewal.
  2. Program changes may require the additional approval of the Board of Governors and re­ submission to the Ontario College Credential Validation Service.
  3. Proposed course changes must be submitted to the College Program Planning, Development and Renewal Department by June 15 of one calendar year for classroom implementation beginning with the Fall semester of the following calendar year (i.e. 15 months in advance) in order to:
    • Effectively advise students on course registration and graduation requirements;
    • Ensure accuracy in published calendars (Web and print); and
    • Support college-wide planning and budgeting processes.
  4. The College Program Planning, Development and Renewal Department will approve the change(s).
  5. Normally, approved curriculum changes will take effect beginning with students entering into semester one of the program. Existing curriculum versions will be followed for students already enrolled in the program.
  6. The Dean of the School may appeal a decision of the College Program Planning, Development and Renewal Department to the Vice President, Academic.


Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities’ Binding Policy Directive Framework for Programs of Instruction

Curriculum Change Procedures


Curriculum Change Form