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Appointment of Adjunct Professors Policy

Effective Date: June 25, 2012
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The Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning (hereafter referred to as “Humber” or “the College”) increasingly values the development of closer relationships with government, business, industry and social/cultural institutions. Corporations, non-profit organizations, government laboratories, research agencies and public service departments are typical in having on their staffs many highly qualified scholars, scientists, professionals and technical staff who can assist in the work of Humber, particularly the facilitation of learning and scholarship. In order to recognize in a formal way those individuals who can be particularly active and helpful in Humber programming, but who normally hold full-time positions with other institutions, the institute has created the position of Adjunct Professor.


This policy applies to all Humber schools and departments.


Adjunct Professor: a status-only academic appointment; usually for a period of three years. As a status-only appointment, it is not normally remunerated by Humber.


1. Appointment

1.1 Where a School or Department identifies a need for expertise in certain areas it may nominate a candidate to become an Adjunct Professor.

1.2 Persons eligible for appointment to the position of Adjunct Professor are those who are singularly qualified because of their research, technical expertise and ability to contribute to the learning enterprise to make a significant and consistent contribution at an advanced level to Humber. Such persons will normally have background credentials appropriate to an academic appointment in the particular School.

1.3 In particular circumstances, persons holding appointments at other institutions of higher education may be appointed to the role of Adjunct Professors.

1.4 The appointment will be for up to three years, renewable once. Reappointments will require evidence of contributions made during the previous term.

2.  Privileges

2..1 Appointees will be accorded access on the same basis as members of faculty to library, computing, athletic, recreational, and other facilities in Humber. Office and research space may be provided where appropriate and available.

2..2 Adjunct Professors may participate in Departmental and Faculty meetings at the invitation of the School Dean.

3.  Remuneration

3.1 Normally there will be no remuneration associated with such appointments. Privileges associated with the appointment constitute "payment in kind" for services rendered.

3.2 However, where appropriate, and within the terms of the Collective Agreement and Human Resources Policies, stipends may be offered for teaching services.