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Allegations of a Breach of Academic Honesty of Faculty and Staff

Effective Date: November 26, 2012
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This procedure outlines the steps to be taken if a faculty, staff or student allege academic dishonesty on the part of a faculty or staff member.


Academic Honesty: is the adherence to appropriate principles or standards in the pursuit of all academic and professional activities.

Breach of Academic Honesty: is broadly defined as an offence against the academic integrity of the learning environment, which includes but is not limited to, instances of misrepresentation of personal credentials or achievement, plagiarism, deception, fabrication, bribery, falsification and undisclosed conflicts of interest.


1. Allegations of a Breach of Academic Honesty - Faculty and Staff

1.1 Any allegations of academic dishonesty pertaining to faculty or staff shall be made in writing and directed to the President or his/her designate.

1.2 The President or designate shall notify the individual(s) named in the allegation and determine whether an investigation is required. The privacy of all individual(s) will be protected during the complaint process.

1.3 The President or designate may convene an investigative committee that will determine an investigative procedure suitable to the circumstance.

1.4 The investigative committee shall report to the President or designate, in writing, as to its finding and the President or designate shall determine the appropriate course of action in accordance with provincial and federal law, and the College’s governing policies and agreements.

2. Communication of Academic Honesty and Breaches to Academic Honesty

Faculty members are informed about college policies in a variety of ways. By the time a policy is developed, it has been reviewed by a number of internal operational committees and councils. Humber policies are typically included in faculty orientation sessions and appear on the Humber web site, Intranet and in an internal communications bulletin published by the President’s office.


Academic Regulations 1

Humber Intellectual Property Policy

Humber Code of Ethics

1The College has very specific regulations for students pertaining to acts of academic dishonesty, misrepresentation of personal performance, and damage to the integrity of scholarly exchanges. These are referred to as acts of academic misconduct and are included in detail in the Academic Regulations. Penalties, investigative procedures and requirements, and documentation of offences for student academic misconduct are also identified in the Academic Regulations. Faculty members, invigilators and other academic staff members have very specific responsibilities pertaining to the detection and management of student academic misconduct.