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Faculty Evaluation Procedure

Effective Date: January 4, 2013
Downloadable Version: PDF ICON Faculty Evaluation Procedure
  This document is available in alternate format on request.


This procedure establishes guidelines for the evaluation of all Humber faculty.




1. General

1.1 Student Feedback Questionnaires (SFQs) are normally distributed in all postsecondary course sections. Results are reported to the faculty member, the appropriate academic administrators and the Vice President Academic.

1.2 Additional evaluation policies may be developed at the school or program level in order to address special circumstances such as clinical, fieldwork, labs, etc.

2. Full-Time Faculty Who Have Completed Probation

2.1 Periodically, the appropriate academic administrator will conduct a formal review. Elements that may be included in the review consist of:

      • Class visit reports
      • Summary review of student feedback (to include but not be limited to data drawn from the SFQ’s)
      • Review of professional development during the period
      • Review of faculty dossier/portfolio
      • Samples of new course outlines or classroom materials
      • Graded student work
      • Other relevant teaching and learning materials
      • Self-assessment
      • Professional designations and/or licences

3. Probationary Faculty

3.1 Probationary faculty will be formally evaluated by an academic administrator for every semester in which they teach. Such evaluations will typically consist of a class visit, review of SFQs, and educational materials developed. (See 2.1 list)

3.2 Any evaluations are to be written, signed by both the faculty member and academic administrator and filed with Human Resources and the office of the Vice President  Academic.

4. Contract Faculty

4.1 Periodically, the appropriate academic administrator will conduct a formal review. (See 2.1 list)