Safe Inclusive Washrooms (SIW)Campaign

For many trans and gender non-conforming folks, using a public restroom can be an anxiety-provoking experience. Depending on their gender presentation, they may feel unable to access the public washroom of their choice, or any public washroom at all.

People who are trans or gender non-conforming may experience glares, threats, harassment or even violence when simply trying to go pee. Some choose to 'hold it'. This can have negative consequences for one's physical and mental health.

Every individual should have the right to use public restrooms without fear or anxiety. Individuals should have the right to feel safe, included and respected throughout all of their time at Humber College.

Please support the Gender and Sexual Diversity Committee in a campaign for safer, more inclusive washrooms for all students, faculty and staff at Humber College.

Look for our poster in bathrooms across North Campus and Lakeshore Campus.