In 2004 the Town of Orangeville approached Humber with the concept of establishing a partnership to build a new campus to service the community and those surrounding Dufferin County.

In October, 2005 a partnership was formulized with the Town of Orangeville and has since developed into a campus vision that would support over 600 full-time students per year.

Academic and general programming research was conducted throughout the first half of 2006 to assist in the development of a specific ‘academic plan’ for the new college.

Since the fall 2007, the Humber College Orangeville Campus has been operating at the Town’s Alder Street Recreation Complex. 

Since the fall 2007, the Humber College Orangeville Campus has been operating at the Town’s Alder Street Recreation Complex.

This wonderful facility has been the ‘anchor’ to Humber College’s Orangeville Campus growth with over 1,500 students enrolled since 2007 in a variety of academic disciplines and over 700 graduates since 2009.

Students attending Humber Orangeville will find a cohesive collegial environment representative of the community and of Humber's commitment to academic excellence.

Our current full-time menu at the Orangeville Campus includes programs from the School of Health Sciences - Early Childhood Education, and from the School of Social and Community Services - Police Foundations and Social Service Worker, and from the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences - General Arts and Science (GAS) University and College Transfer Certificate programs.

As part of the new campus vision charted in late 2012, the Orangeville Campus has a Human and Social Service focus due to these sectors which are growing in the region. 

Since the winter 2007 the Humber Orangeville Campus has also offered opportunities to local high school students enabling them to enroll in courses 'free-of-charge' through the College/Dual Credit program. Students are able to select courses from the disciplines of Cosmetic Management, Early Childhood Education and Police Foundations and new for Fall 2018, courses from the Design Foundation program.

The general public can enroll in a full array of workshops and courses offered at various times throughout the year.

The Orangeville Campus features an industry experienced and well educated academic team of over 40 professors and instructors each semester.  The Orangeville Campus is managed by Joe Andrews, Principal of the Campus.