Orientation Leader is a volunteer position with Humber's Student Life Orientation Team. Through this experience, you will be able to connect with new students and welcome them to Humber. You will play an essential role in creating a warm and inclusive environment for all and help to ensure that Orientation programming runs smoothly.

This term, Orientation programming will be in-person at both North and Lakeshore campuses. To apply, you must be a returning, full-time student during the Winter 2022 semester. Volunteers will be expected to contribute approximately 15 hours and attend mandatory training prior to Winter Orientation. The Orientation Leader position is CCR certified and all volunteers who successfully complete the role will receive a personalized reference letter detailing their contribution to our program.

Please click this link to apply: https://baseline.campuslabs.ca/hc/w2022orientationvolunteer

All applications must be submitted by Sunday, November 7th, at 11:59pm (EDT). We will connect with all applicants shortly afterwards to discuss next steps.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Orientation! We're so excited to meet you.


Please note that if you have already volunteered with Orientation in Fall 2021, you will not need to re-apply or re-interview. All volunteers will receive information on mandatory training dates and times.