Queen's Plate Bus Schedule

Prior to boarding, patrons must present their Queen's Plate Gate Card or Pay-on-Exit ticket to shuttle bus driver.  

Queen's Plate Parking Lot Bus Schedule Departure Times

  • First Departure at 6:45 AM.
  • Departures every 15 minutes.
  • Last departure from North campus at 10:30 PM, Monday through Thursday, 8:00 PM Friday
  • The bus will also pick up at Woodbine Mall if necessary
  • No Holiday or Weekend Service
  • No Summer Service

For Information or Assistance, call 416-675-8500

Queens Plate (Offsite/Overflow Lot For North Campus) Visitor Parking Instructions

*Open September thru April

Upon entry, please push the button and take a ticket to raise the gate and enter the lot.  Please remember to take your parking ticket with you onto the shuttle bus so that you can pay at one of the various pay on foot parking machines located at the North campus before returning to Queens Plate. Your parking ticket acts as your shuttle bus pass. See the image at the top of the page for North campus payment machine locations. Once you have made payment at one of the pay on foot machines at North campus, please take your validated ticket with you back to Queens Plate and when exiting the parking lot with your vehicle, insert your ticket into the exit terminal and the gate will lift allowing you to exit the lot. Please note there is no payment machine at Queens Plate.