About Program Planning, Development & Renewal (PPDR)

Ensuring Quality at Humber College

We follow a comprehensive quality assurance framework that ensures all policies, procedures and principles inform and support excellence in our polytechnic programming.

We collaborate with Humber’s academic schools to create programs that are high calibre, prepare students for their careers and further education, and meet relevant standards. As an ally and resource to our academic colleagues, we provide expert information and guidance to help them be strategic in their program development, and ensure the process is effective and efficient.

Our focus:

Our work of sustaining and advancing Humber College’s quality culture involves:

  • cultivating ideas for new programs
  • developing new and rejuvenated programs, curricula, pathways and articulation agreements
  • shepherding new academic initiatives through quality assurance, funding and approval processes
  • ensuring Humber program development and review policies and procedures are relevant and up to date

A key part of our activities is ensuring new academic initiatives comply with the requirements of:

We are proud of our productive partnerships – together, we are ensuring the high standards of excellence across Humber that contribute to our status as a leader in polytechnic education.