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Humber is committed to delivering academic programs that are current and relevant. Making this happen involves periodically updating curricula to reflect evolving trends in industries, the labour market, and pedagogical practices.

Revising a program’s curriculum requires creating an updated program map that indicates how the changes will affect the achievement of Program Learning Outcomes, Essential Employability Skills, General Education requirements and/or degree-level standards.

Our academic schools develop changes to curriculum through a consultative process that can include Program Planning, Development and Renewal and other stakeholders, such as:

  • Program Advisory Council
  • Financial Services and Planning
  • Facilities Management
  • Office of the Registrar
  • International Centre

Depending on the level and impact of the curriculum change, making changes can involve the following steps:

  1. Annual program reflection results in proposed changes to a program’s current curriculum.
  2. Endorsement by the program’s PAC members may be required.
  3. Associate Dean approves the proposed changes.
  4. If required, PPDR validates changes and sends to the Office of the Registrar for implementation.
  5. Office of the Registrar updates the curriculum in Banner.


Approved curriculum changes typically take effect the first semester of the program. Sometimes, curriculum changes are applied to in-flight students; in these cases, PPDR will consult with the appropriate Program Coordinator and Associate Dean to assess feasiblility.


The following three forms are used for curriculum updates:

Schedule of Study (SOS): Used for changes to course sequencing, i.e., moving a course to another semester, or adding and removing courses.

Course Inventory: Indicates any changes made to a course, such cancelling a course, creating a new course and changes to name, hours, grading mode, description, etc. Accompanies the SOS whenever a course is added, cancelled or removed from a program.

Program Inventory: Indicates changes made at the program level, such as title, description, learning outcomes, number of semesters, number of hours, number of credits, field placements, work semesters or practicum assignments. This form is also used to indicate the creation of a new program, or the cancellation of an entire program.

Please send forms to humber.curriculum [at]