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Maintaining Ministerial Consent

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Each college degree has been granted consent to operate directly by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) for a finite length of time, usually 5-7 years. Consent is granted under a strict set of standard terms and conditions applicable to all college degrees (see terms and conditions section) and in some cases, additional terms and conditions unique to specific degree programs.  All degree programs are required to meet 13 quality standards as described by the Post-Secondary Quality Assurance Board (PEQAB). See

As the expiry date for consent approaches, each degree program must undergo a rigorous internal program review process, and prepare a detailed submission to MCU, which provides evidence of adherence to the MCU terms and conditions and the maintenance of the thirteen PEQAB standards. 

Until recently, PEQAB has required that degree programs undergo two separate external assessments and site visits: one to validate the self-study and make recommendations for improvements, and the second to evaluate and the program’s ability to uphold PEQAB standards.

Starting in 2018, MCU and PEQAB have allowed for an important change in process, which combines these two external assessments and site visits. This change will result in a shortening and re-ordering of the sequence of steps leading to consent renewal.

Consent Renewal Process

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