Diploma & Certificate Programs

Implementing & Maintaining Standards

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Ensuring quality academic programming at Humber is the top job of Program Planning, Development and Renewal. A key part of this job involves making sure all of our certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, degree and graduate certificate programs fulfil their program learning outcomes.

For programs to fulfil these outcomes, they must follow published provincial standards developed by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities in cooperation with Ontario colleges, or abide by the program learning outcomes indicated in their original program submission. Where a published standard doesn’t exist, programs are locally developed and validated through the Ontario College Quality Assurance Service’s Credentials Validation Service.

All credential programs are structured according to the ministry’s Ontario Qualifications Framework, which outlines standards for programs such as their design and target outcomes, admission requirements, duration and how they prepare graduates for employment and further study. The framework also sets standards for:

  • depth and breadth of knowledge
  • conceptual & methodological awareness/research & scholarship
  • communication skills
  • application of knowledge
  • professional capacity/autonomy
  • awareness of limits of knowledge

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about how we develop diploma and certificate programs at Humber.