Program Design & Development

For New & Renewing Programs

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Providing students with a relevant and meaningful polytechnic education means regularly re-evaluating our current programs, and identifying opportunities for new ones. New and reimagined programs at Humber College respond to:

  • evolving employer and workplace requirements
  • trends in our interconnected global economy
  • changes in our society and culture


Program Planning, Development & Renewal (PPDR), follows a comprehensive quality assurance framework to ensure all policies, procedures and principles support excellence in the quality of new/renewed programs.

In this process, we partner with academic schools and use a proactive, responsive and evidence-based approach that uncovers and balances the needs of all stakeholders. PPDR also helps academic schools with getting their new or renewed programs accredited by the appropriate professional body.

The outcome of this process is a comprehensive set of program learning outcomes, and a curriculum geared to achieving those goals. PPDR ensures the process meets the approval criteria of Humber and the Ministry of Colleges and Universities.

Once an academic dean presents a program proposal, PPDR consultants work with the school to connect with faculty, students, graduates, industry organizations, community members and external academics to refine the program concept. They shepherd the proposal through Humber’s internal committees and Board of Governors, and the ministry’s arms-length quality assurance agencies:

Program Design and Development Balances Stakeholder Priorities