April 13th, 2021

No More anti-Black racism

Daunte Wright. That is his name. The 20-year-old Black man was killed by a police officer at a traffic stop in Minnesota in recent days.

There have been daily protests following that shooting. 

People are outraged that this has happened again. 

Many times in the last twelve months, I have made statements condemning acts of violence and racism. 

At Humber, we are committed to equity, diversity and inclusion and to creating an environment that fosters a sense of belonging. 

As I have said before, as a community we must build on our efforts and continue to do more to advance inclusion throughout the College and beyond.

We are committed to speaking out in the face of injustices, to being allies and to continue working towards eliminating racism in all its forms, including unconscious bias. We must dismantle systemic racism. 

These racist events will, no doubt, have an impact on the Humber community, particularly Black students, faculty and staff. Support is available for students and staff who may need it. 

Students are welcome to access the team at The BASE (Black Academic Success and Engagement) for specific community support and referrals in a safer space.

We stand in solidarity with Black students, faculty and staff at Humber and the communities we serve against racism and violence at all times. 

We are stronger together.