July 9th, 2020

Recharging this summer

Ducks swimming

Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking about how different this summer will be for our community.

I know that everyone at Humber has been working diligently to continue to provide our students with a high-quality learning experience, as well as the supports they have come to expect and rely on. The amount of work that went into the transition to online learning and virtual services was tremendous and that work continues as we look to the upcoming Fall term.

I am grateful to the Humber community and proud of what we have accomplished.

In line with what is happening across the Greater Toronto Area, we are beginning to reopen some of our facilities with a focus on health and safety. This week we welcomed back a limited number of students to complete in-person requirements from the Winter and Summer terms. As the Ontario government allows more businesses and public spaces to reopen, these students will soon be contributing to critical trades and frontline work across the province.

We have all been adapting to new ways of working. We have been trying new things and finding what works as colleagues and as educators. 

This year, for example, we launched the five-week Global Systems Gap Challenge. Teams of four, with participants from around the world, are collaborating virtually with mentors from Humber. Each team is using a systems thinking mindset to examine complex business, education, social innovation or health and wellness problems and identify some possible paths to a future solution. This unique experience involves 378 students with citizenship in 48 countries, and includes students from each of Humber’s six faculties.

This summer, perhaps more than any other, I encourage all Humber staff to take some time away from work to focus on yourselves and your families.

For me, this summer will be filled with reading some good novels, playing horseshoes at the cottage, doing a few more puzzles, and looking for the next great Netflix series.

I hope you have some fun, relax and know that we appreciate all that you do. Stay safe and enjoy the warm weather.