December 22nd, 2022

Wishing the Humber community a wonderful holiday break

The winter holiday break has arrived and my hope for each member of the Humber community is that you enjoy a restful break and some time to reconnect with family and friends.

Enjoy the season and all that it brings, Humber. You have earned it.

It has been months since the start of the fall term. As students, you have attended class and studied hard while taking advantage of the experiences and hands-on learning opportunities offered by your programs.

I know many of you have been diligently working towards finishing your final assignments and studying for exams over the last few weeks. Your hard work and dedication will pay off – you are doing great.

As faculty members, you have supported our learners in the classroom (both in person and virtual) and provided them with the knowledge and tools to become career-ready citizens once they leave our halls and take their first steps into their careers.

As support staff, you have been invaluable in supporting the College, its learners and faculty to help make Humber the world class post-secondary institution and leader in polytechnic education that it is.

As managers, you have helped your teams through the term as they have engaged in teaching and learning, provided a wide range of in-person and online services to our learners and advanced our strategic priorities.  

All of this is to say, well done. Sincerely. You, the Humber community, have gone above and beyond for these past several months and you have my thanks and deep appreciation for everything you do each day that helps set Humber apart.

It is now time to enjoy some well-deserved time with family, friends and loved ones. I personally love this time of year – it is a gift to have this time to spend doing the things that make you happy.  However, not everyone experiences this season the same way.  For some this can be a lonely time of year. Please reach out to others who are in need.   

This time of year may also be hectic, I hope you’re able to take at least a few moments for yourself over the winter break to rest and recharge.

Enjoy your well-deserved time off.  

We will see you shortly in the new year. Best wishes and happy holidays to all.