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Current Students Winter 2022 Course Delivery

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Electrician - Construction and Maintenance Apprenticeship

Certificate of Achievement


Semester 1

Winter 2022 Delivery Note
ELAP 104: Electronics 1 Online/In-Person

ELAP 105: Canadian Electrical Code 1 Online/In-Person

ELAP 107: Instrumentation 1 Online/In-Person

ELAP 111: Electrical Theory 1 Online/In-Person

ELAP 112: Installation Methods 1 In-Person

ELAP 116: Prints 1 In-Person

Semester 2

Winter 2022 Delivery Note
ELAP 155: Canadian Electrical Code 2 Online/In-Person

ELAP 157: Instrumentation 2 Online/In-Person

ELAP 158: Monitoring and Communication Systems In Person

ELAP 159: Installation Methods 2 In Person

ELAP 160: Electronics 2 Online/In-Person

ELAP 161: Electrical Theory 2 Online/In-Person

ELAP 166: Prints 2 In Person

Semester 3

Winter 2022 Delivery Note
ELAP 212: Canadian Electrical Code 3 Online/In-Person

ELAP 213: Instrumentation 3 Online/In-Person

ELAP 218: Installation Methods 3 In-Person

ELAP 219: Electronics 3 Online/In-Person

ELAP 220: Electrical Theory 3 Online/In-Person

ELAP 226: Prints 3 In-Person

Equipment & Device Requirements

Details and Specifications Minimum Specs Recommended Specs
Processor Intel i7 (Quad core) Intel i7 (Quad core or higher)
Memory Minimum 16 GB of RAM
Storage Minimum 250 GB storage space (SSD) preferable, Wireless 802.11 b/g/n/ac
Other Built-in Ethernet port (strongly recommended), Long battery life (strongly recommended)

Additional Costs

$50 - lab fee. There may also be additional fees for personal protective equipment (PPE) and equipment that is required and utilized within the lab.

Contact Information

Craig Trineer, program co-ordinator
Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology
416.675.6622 ext. 78038

Admissions Questions

Domestic Students


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