Lockdown Drills - September 2019

As part of our commitment to the safety of our community, Humber College conducts lock drills annually. The goal of these drills is to not only test our procedures but to ensure community members know and understand what to do in the unlikely event of an active threat on any of our campuses. Lockdown drills take place every year during the 3rd week of September. The dates for 2019 are:

Tuesday, September 17th - 10:10am and 7:15pm – North Campus, all buildings (except residence for evening drill)

Wednesday, September 18th - 10:10am and 7:15pm – Lakeshore Campus, all buildings (except residence for evening drill)

Thursday, September 19th – 10:10am and 7:15pm – Carrier

Friday, September 20th - 10:10 – Orangeville Campus (no need for evening exercise)

Saturday, September 21st - 9:30am at Lakeshore Campus and 11:00am at North Campus

Procedures for a lockdown are:

  1. Listen for instructions via the public address system
  2. If you can safely get out of the building, do so immediately
  3. If you cannot leave the building safely, take cover in nearby room. Do not take cover in washrooms
  4. Where possible, gather others from open areas
  5. Close and lock the door. If the door cannot be locked, barricade the door with chairs, tables or other furniture or equipment in the room
  6. Cover windows if possible
  7. Place signs in exterior windows to identify the location of injured persons
  8. Lie on the floor or crouch behind desks. BE QUIET
  9. Silence cell phones or devices that generate noise
  10. DO NOT answer the door
  11. Call 911 if you have specific information about the threat
  12. Do not evacuate until advised by the Toronto Police Service or the Department of Public Safety that is safe to do so

For more information visit https://humber.ca/publicsafety/services/emergency-management/lockdown.

If you have any questions please contact Kathy Branton, Manager of Business Continuity and Emergency Management at kathy.branton@humber.ca or 416-675-6622, ext. 5550