RAD Self Defense Course

RAD Self Defense Training Cost: Free ($20 deposit refunded upon completion)*deposit will not be refunded if both classes are not completed

What is R.A.D? Rape Aggression Defense means “defense against abduction.”  Any force or threat against a woman’swill, that restricts her freedom of movement or desire to leave, we consider rape aggression.


  • RAD Systems is the only self defense program ever endorsed by IACLEA (InternationalAssociation of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators)
  • Lifetime Return & Practice Policy
  • Largest women’s self defense training network in North America

What to expect:

Students must complete all 8 hours of course and will receive training and education on:

  • Risk reduction and identification
  • Principles of striking
  • Vulnerable locations
  • Stances and exercise of various strikes
  • Developing a Personal Plan of Action

What to bring: running shoes and comfortable clothing (you will be active).

North Campus (CANCELLED)

February 6 and 7, 2017

T132 from 4-8pm

To register, email: jasjeet.bal@humber.ca

Lakeshore Campus

February 28 and March 1, 2017

ATH205 from 5-9pm

To register, email: keith.pua@humber.ca