Telephone Scam

Humber always wants to ensure the safety and security of its students. Therefore, we would like to inform you about a phone scam that has happened to some students.

Students have received phone calls misinforming them about their status in Canada (as being illegal). The caller introduces themselves as an Immigration Officer demanding money from the student. Please be aware that Government officials:

  1. Communicate only by mail;
  2. Do not call and confirm your information.

If you receive this kind of phone call, you should:

  1. Do not panic and do not release any personal information
  2. Do not transfer money anywhere or pay as per the caller’s request;
  3. Acquire the person’s information as much as you can (name, phone number, account number, etc.) so you can report the call to the police;
  4. Come to International Student Centre to get correct information from an international student advisor.

This newsletter from the RCMP provides more details about phone scammers.

Toronto Police Service have also released a statement about these types of incidents.

The Toronto Police Service has been made aware of a recent progression in the Canada Revenue Agency and Citizenship and Immigration Canada scam. 

See previous news release regarding scam.

The spoofed caller ID has been reportedly displayed as 416-808-2222, which is the Toronto Police Service non-emergency number.

The Toronto Police Service is aware of this spoof, and furthermore, is aware of the scam. 

If you have been victimized, please call your local police service to report it. 

If you received a call, did not fall victim to the scam, or would like further information, please visit: