1.  Exit the building immediately if you are able to do so safely
  2.  Notify anyone you encounter to exit the building immediately
  3. Call 911.  Provide as much information as possible

If you are unable to exit the building safely, immediately go to the nearest area where you feel safe.  Follow the lockdown instructions below.


  1.  Listen for instructions via the public address system
  2. Where possible, gather others from open areas
  3. Close and lock the door
  4. Cover windows if possible
  5. Place signs in exterior windows to identify the location of injured persons
  6. Lie on the floor or crouch behind desks.  BE QUIET
  7. Silence cell phones or devices that generate noise
  8. DO NOT answer the door
  9. Call 911 if you have specific information about the threat
  10. Do not evacuate until contacted by the Toronto Police Service or the Department of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety is dedicated to ensuring the safety of all persons at Humber College and plans ahead in the unlikely event of an emergency. Click on any topic below to view what you can do in the event of an emergency on campus.

Watch the Humber Lockdown Video below: