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Course 4: Commercial Real Estate Transactions - eLearning

person and computer iconDELIVERY METHOD
• Option 1: eLearning
• Option 2: eLearning with virtual support
money iconFEE
• Option 1: $315
• Option 2: $475 ($315 eLearning + $160 virtual support)
115 hours
12 hours (optional)


This course will cover the contents of the following modules:

  1. Introducing Commercial Real Estate
  2. Understanding Commercial Construction
  3. Identifying Requirements for Office and Retail Properties
  4. Preparing to Sell Office and Retail Properties
  5. Preparing to Sell Commercial Condominiums
  6. Identifying Requirements for Industrial Properties
  7. Preparing to Sell Industrial Properties
  8. Showing Office, Retail or Industrial Properties and Advising on Properties of Interest
  9. Completing Agreements of Purchase and Sale for Office and Retail Properties
  10. Completing Agreements of Purchase and Sale for Commercial Condominiums
  11. Completing Agreements of Purchase and Sale for Industrial Properties
  12. Preparing to Lease Office, Retail and Industrial Properties
  13. Transactions Involving Commercial Leasing
  14. Transactions Involving Development Land and Farms
  15. Transactions Involving Brokering the Sale of a Business


Facilitated Review Sessions (FRS) will supplement learning and provide additional direction on more complex areas of the program. The FRS will be optional to learners looking for additional support and will be available at a modest price. The FRS will be offered virtually or in-person at locations across Ontario, based on demand. The FRS will provide learners with enhanced learning opportunities to support their success. Each FRS runs for three hours covering a number of topics.



  • Simulation 1: Residential Real Estate Transactions


Contact hours to complete this course

On average, learners have completed this course within 115 hours.
Range of hours the majority of learners have required to complete this course: 60-140 hours.

Number of weeks recommended to start and complete this course

We recommend that, on average, you distribute your contact hours over a period of 6 weeks as a way of keeping you on track and allowing you to progress successfully through the program.

Maximum access to the course for completion

Please note that counting from the date you gain access to this course, you have a total of 5 months to complete it.  This number of months has been calculated to ensure that you successfully complete the full program within the maximum 24 months allowed.