Mandatory Technical Requirements for Broker Wrap-Up

Mandatory Technical Requirements

These technical requirements are mandatory for use by a Broker Wrap-Up Real Estate Salesperson learner.

The Mandatory Technical Requirements should be used as a practical reference to learn, apply, and continually practice Zoom skills you are expected and required to know and perform as a participant in Broker Wrap-Up activities such as role-plays, creation of sample real estate documents, group discussions, debriefs, completing performance checklists and providing feedback to your fellow participants.

As a Broker Wrap-Up learner, you are expected to take part in all discussions and group activities during the Broker Wrap-Up session.

Mastery of Zoom skills is crucial to your enjoyment of the Broker Wrap-Up session, meeting the stated Broker Wrap-Up learning outcomes to prepare you for your Broker final exam.

You will find detailed instructions on how to master the features and tools of Zoom, videos, links to additional resources, user tips, and self-assessment knowledge checks throughout the Mandatory Technical Requirements.

You will need 30 to 60 minutes to complete the Mandatory Technical Requirements and acquire the Zoom skills required to participate in Broker Wrap-Up (depending on your level of experience). We recommend completing the Mandatory Technical Requirements at your earliest convenience ensuring you have the time before you begin your Broker Wrap-Up session to practice and build confidence to actively engage in discussions and collaborative activities.