How to Practice on Zoom

Now that you have Zoom set up on the device you will be using during your upcoming virtual Broker Wrap-Up session, it’s time to practice using Zoom controls, tools and features.

Why is it important to practice using Zoom?

As a Broker Wrap-Up learner, you must be able to successfully perform Zoom functions effectively and efficiently in order to actively participate in discussions and group activities.

Use the performance checklist on the next page as a self-assessment to determine your level of preparedness to fully engage in virtual Broker Wrap-Up.

Helpful Hints for Practicing on Zoom

  • Launch your own personal Zoom meeting by visiting You can practice by yourself, or to enhance your practice sessions, open zoom on your back-up device to replicate another participant or invite others to join.
  • Record your session and play it back to preview what your facilitator and peers will see and hear.
  • To have some fun, screen share the whiteboard and explore the various ways to draw and write text.
  • Open a word document while in share screen and insert text. Save your document. Stop share screen. Re-open your document, and share screen. Repeat using your participant workbook.
  • Highlight sections of text (pre-printed or inserted) in your word document or participant workbook using the annotation highlight tool, while in share screen.
  • Open your participant workbook, forms booklet and action planning workbook in the same browser using multiple tabs. In share screen, toggle between each of these documents.
  • Continue to practice until you have mastered the Zoom platform and using your digital course materials.

Zoom Performance Checklist

As you practice using Zoom, use the performance checklist to self-assess your mastery.