Request a Continuation of Study

Learners are responsible for planning their time and completing all program requirements within a specific timeframe. See the Program Progression Requirements section of the Curriculum Policy for more details. Learners that do not complete their program by the defined program time frame must start over, or alternatively, can review the following options to continue with their studies. Learners unable to complete the Real Estate Salesperson Program pre-registration phase within the 24-month timeframe and have successfully completed at least one pre-registration course and the corresponding exam, should review the Education Equivalency Assessment process. Program extension requests are reserved for extenuating and exceptional circumstances only and require back-up documentation.

Education Equivalency Assessment

The RECO Registrar has the authority to grant an exemption for a course(s), exam(s), or simulation session(s) in the Real Estate Salesperson Program based on an educational equivalency. Learners that do not complete the Real Estate Salesperson Program within the 24-month time frame may be eligible to apply for education equivalency if they meet the following requirements:

  • Completed the Real Estate Salesperson Program, or at least one (1) pre-registration course + examination at Humber College in the past five (5) years.

For more information on education equivalency assessment and how to apply, please visit RECO’s website.

Request a Program Extension

A Program Extension may be requested by a learner who is at risk of not completing a Real Estate Education Program within the allowable timeframe due to an extenuating circumstance. Extension requests are only approved based on medical, psychological, or compassionate grounds and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Supporting documentation that demonstrates the impact and duration of the interruption to your studies is required. Applications submitted without supporting documentation will not be considered.

Extension applications must be submitted before the expiration of a phase or program (but no more than three months prior). If an extension request is not approved, learners will be required to re-start the program if they wish to continue their studies

To request a program extension, download and complete the Program Extension Request Form, then email the completed form along with the supporting documentation to