Request for Readmission After Serving a Misconduct Suspension

Learners who wish to be considered for readmission after serving a suspension due to misconduct must apply for readmission.

The request will be evaluated on the basis of eligibility to continue.

  • 1.4.e. Learner Misconduct Sanctions
    Suspension from Real Estate Education Program for a period of time determined by the Real Estate Education Program Office. The learner will not be permitted to register and will retain none of the privileges accorded to learners. Learners who have been suspended will not receive credit for any attempted work during that suspension. A learner who wishes to be considered for readmission after this period of time must make an application for readmission that will be evaluated on the basis of eligibility to continue. A learner who is suspended for misconduct and also fails to meet the continuation of study requirements may be required to serve the associated penalties consecutively.

Reference: 1.4 Learner Misconduct Sanctions

The Request for Readmission Form may only be submitted if:

  • A learner has been sanctioned due to academic misconduct with a suspension period of six (6) months or more. 
  • The applied sanction of suspension has elapsed.

IMPORTANT: Learners cannot engage in any academic or administrative activity while on suspension (see policy item copied above).

Download and complete the Readmission Form (link below), attach the corresponding misconduct decision letter, and forward a copy to

Form Submission Deadline:

The Request for Readmission Form must be submitted no later than one (1) calendar month after the end of the suspension date served. Requests beyond this deadline risk a denial of readmission and the requirement that a learner retake the full program. A decision will be communicated to a learner within ten (10) business days of receipt of their Request for Readmission.