Appendix A

Onboarding Exam Rules

  • All learners Must pass the onboarding exam at minimum 24 hours before the scheduled exam date.
  • The onboarding exam is essential as it conducts a system check on your device.
  • The onboarding exam should NOT be attempted on the scheduled exam date.
  • Learners MUST have an approved onboarding exam in order to attempt the actual exam.
  • If the onboarding exam is not approved, learners will receive an email.
  • Learners MUST attempt the onboarding exam again until it is approved.
  • The onboarding exam status is visible in the learner’s account, on the main dashboard.

Sample Email Notifications

  1. First time exam takers will receive an email notification from Proctortrack to complete the onboarding exam within a week of booking the exam. The email will include their Protortrack credentials.
  2. Two follow up emails will be sent after completion of the onboarding exam. The first follow up email will confirm submission of the exam, the second follow up email will include details of the result of the exam.

First Time Exam Takers

  1. Learners will receive a registration email 3-4 business days prior to the scheduled exam date.

Registration Email

  1. Learners will receive a confirmation email (see image below) from Proctortrack 12-24 hours prior to the scheduled exam date.

Exam Confirmation Email