Appendix C

Mac Device Permissions

Learners using a Mac device should follow the instructions below to grant Proctortrack and the Exam browser access to monitor and record the test session without any issues. Please make sure that the settings below are enabled.

  1. If you have any privacy setting restrictions, you will be directed to the Security and Privacy window automatically. When directed click on the button Click Here Once You Are Done With Above Changes.

    Security and privacy window

  2. Go to System Preference --> Security and Privacy -> Privacy tab --> Select the Proctortrack check box for following options:

To enable Screen Recording:

Screen Recording

To enable Camera:


To enable Microphone:


To enable Full Disk Access:

Full Disk Access

To enable Accessibility:


To enable Input Monitoring (Not mandatory):


Note: For Mac Users: Once you have enabled the permission checks, the Proctortrack application will be in the system check phase. If not, please close the application and try launching again (refer to step 10). If you are still experiencing issues with the Proctortrack application, please contact Proctortrack support for assistance at 1(844) 966-1155.