Appendix D

Troubleshooting Onboarding

Issues Tip/Resolution
I have a booked exam, but I do not see an onboarding exam on my dashboard.

Learners are advised to contact Humber Real Estate Education Support Line as soon as possible.

(416) 675-5025 - Select option 2

Live chat is also available for general program inquiries including assistance with applications, registration, learner inquiries and technical support.

I have failed my onboarding exam, what can I do to fix it?

Common reasons for failing the onboarding exam are:

  • Facial scan was not captured.
  • Photo ID scan was not captured.
  • Name was not legible in ID.

A valid government issued photo ID must be held up to the camera and a picture taken where the name is clearly legible. Review the ID photo before submitting.

A failed onboarding exam will require another submission. Learner will have to Retake the onboarding exam.

Approval may take 4-8 hours.

Failure to have a successful onboarding exam on the day of the actual exam will prevent learners from writing their exam.

What type of identification can I use for the onboarding exam?

Learners must present a valid, government issued identification bearing a photograph and signature (e.g., passport, driver's license, permanent resident card).

Provincial health cards are not accepted.

The name on the government issued photo identification must match the Learner Portal.

A learner is not allowed to write the exam if the presented identification does not match the name reflected on the learner’s program registration.

I don’t see my scheduled exam in my test list on Proctortrack. Scheduled exams are added to Proctortrack approximately 12-24 hours prior to the scheduled exam date.