Onboarding Exam Steps (First Time Test Takers Only)

Note: The onboarding exam should only be completed by first time test takers. Learners who have already taken a virtual exam need not to complete the onboarding again. The onboarding exam is valid for a year.

  1. Enter https://ca-testing.verificient.com/login/ in your address browser line.
  2. Please login using your Proctortrack username and password.
    • First time exam takers will receive an email notification from Proctortrack to complete the onboarding exam within two weeks before the scheduled exam date. The email will include their Protortrack credentials.
    • All learners must pass the onboarding exam at least a day before the scheduled exam date.
    • It is recommended to change the password after you login.
    • Refer to Appendix A – for list of the onboarding exam rules.

Help Centre

  1. Click on GO TO TEST button for the onboarding exam.
    • Read the guidelines and click agree to proceed.

Go To Test

  1. Click on the Download Plugin (Step required for First Time Users)

Download Plugin

  1. The browser will direct you to the Chrome webstore page to download the Proctortrack Plugin.
    • Click on Add to Chrome to add the plugin.
    • Once the plugin is added, you will be redirected back to the previous page.

Add to Chrome

  1. Click the Refresh button if the page does not auto forward.


  1. Scroll down and read the information provided under the Let’s Get Started guidelines.

How it Works


  1. Check mark the box at the bottom of the page to agree to the terms.


  1. Click on Submit on the Agreement Policy page to confirm your consent after you have read the information. 


  1. Click on Scan to capture a face scan picture.

Face Scan

  1. Click on Retake if the picture is blurry or unclear.
    • Follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to ensure a proper face scan is captured.
    • Click on Confirm and Upload if the image meets the requirements.

Retake or Upload

  1. Click on Scan to capture a picture of the ID.
    • Align your ID horizontally or vertically to ensure an eligible scan.
    • Provincial health cards are not accepted. Please review the Appendix F for approved Government issued ID. Align your ID horizontally or vertically to ensure an eligible scan.


  1. Click the Download Proctortrack button to download the app file.
    • Click on Open.
    • Click on Connect.

If you are unable to download the Proctortrack app, please refer to Appendix B for Windows device or Appendix C for Mac device.

  1. Connect

    • After downloading the desktop application, it will conduct a system check on your device.
  1. Click on Go to Next Step.
    • The page will direct you to a list of rules and guidelines of what is allowed for the duration of the exam.


System Check

  1. Complete a room scan.
    • A pop-up window will appear requesting a room scan.
      • Step 1 - Download the Proctortrack Mobile Application in the App Store (iOS phone) or Play Store (Android phone).
      • Step 2 – Launch the Proctortrack mobile app. Scan the QR code using the mobile app. (Note: it is advised to complete the room scan with the mobile app).

QR Code

  1. Complete the room scan by moving the phone camera around the entire room slowly for 20 seconds. Make sure to capture the entire room including the desk area.
    • A pop-up window will appear indicating your room scan is under review.
    • Once approved by the live proctors’, learners will be able to proceed.

Room Scan

Note: If your room scan is not approved, you will be directed to redo a room scan.


  1. After the room scan is approved, enable the screen share by clicking on the Image of your screen first then the Share button.

a. Click on the Image of your screen first.


b. Then Click on the Share button.

  1. Click on the Start Proctoring under Step 2 to proceed.

Start Proctoring

  1. Learners can see themselves being recorded in the bottom right corner of the screen.
    • The footage can be minimized by clicking on the top left corner of the video feed.
    • Use the arrows to move the video feed to the left or right of the screen.
    • The session will end automatically, once the onboarding test is submitted.
  2. Complete and submit the onboarding exam then click End on the self-video feed, if the app does not end automatically.


Note: Once you complete and submit your onboarding exam you will receive two emails from Proctortrack informing you that the onboarding exam is being processed. You will receive a final email from Proctortrack once the onboarding exam is approved.

If the onboarding exam is not approved, an email will be sent by Proctortrack and the onboarding will have to be attempted again. Learners must have an approved onboarding exam prior to the scheduled exam date. The status of your onboarding exam is located on the Proctortrack dashboard.

  1. Click on Quit App to close and save the application or, select Uninstall to remove Proctortrack from the Desktop.