Steps to Follow on the Day of Your Exam

  1. Login to your proctortrack account using your Proctortrack username and password at on the day of your exam.
    • Ensure your workstation is clear and distraction-free.
    • During the exam session, you must be in the proctor’s view at all times.
    • Learners will not be able to start the exam prior to the scheduled time slot.
  1. Click on Confirmed under the scheduled exams.


  1. Click on Go To Test once the button is active at the scheduled time of the exam. The button will turn green when active.
    • Refresh the page frequently if the Go To Test button is disabled after your exam session time slot has started.

Go to test

  1. To contact the Proctortrack support team at any time, use the chat widget on the bottom right corner of the page.
  1. Follow the same steps from the Onboarding Exam.
    • Please see Steps 3 to Steps 19 from the Learner Guide.
    • It can take 15- 30 minutes to complete the process of identification verification, and to secure the testing environment.
    • A Live Proctor will be available during the session and can assist via the chat window on the bottom-right of the screen.

computer screen with person's image in bottom right hand corner

  1. Proctoring has now begun.
    • A blue border will be placed around the screen as a reminder that Proctortrack is now in session.
    • You will now be redirected to the Learner Portal.
    • Learners are advised to take a washroom break at this point of the exam set-up process. Please inform the proctor via the chatbox before and after you take the washroom break.

      Note: Once the exam has started, no washroom breaks will be permitted, except for pre-approved accommodations. Any unapproved breaks taken during the exam will lead to your exam being terminated immediately.
  1. Login using your Learner ID (X*******) and Password. If you are experiencing issues logging into the learner portal (only), contact Humber technical support at 416-675-5025, option 4. Please notify the proctor through the chat box before calling technical support.

Log in

  1. Select My Enrollment History menu item on the left-hand side of the screen.
    • Click on Enrolled tab.
    • Click on the appropriate exam link on the list shown.


  1. You will be directed to the Exam access page.

Course Exam

    • Select Click here to access the exam link.
    • Learner writing a course exam skip to step 10.

Exam 2: Invigilated Theory Exam

Simulation Session Assessment

    • Select Click here to access the simulation session link.


    • Click the Start icon.


    • Click on the exam icon.


  1. Click the Current tab to access the exam link.
    • Click on the appropriate link within the list shown. Further instructions will be provided on the screen.

Current Exam

  1. The Start Exam button at the bottom of the screen will be inactive (greyed out) until the proctor unlocks the exam.
  1. Review the on-screen instructions carefully.
    • Take a few minutes to view the tour of the exam system by clicking the Take a Tour button at the bottom of the screen.

Take a tour

  1. When you are ready to begin, please notify the proctor through the chat box.
  1. Please wait while the proctor confirms that your exam is unlocked.
  1. Once the Start Exam button turns GREEN; you may click it to begin the exam.


  1. After you have attempted all the exam questions, you will be presented with a summary page for review.
    • Review the questions (including any questions bookmarked).
  1. Submit the exam by clicking the SUBMIT button on the screen.
    • Once you have submitted your exam, NO FURTHER CHANGES to your answers will be permitted.


  1. Click the END button on the top-right corner after submitting the exam, to end the proctoring manually.


  1. Select the check box to confirm the upload and click on the “END” button to end the exam session.


  • Click QUIT APP to save the application for future exam/assessments or
  • Click UNINSTALL to remove Proctortrack from the computer.