On Your Assessment Day (Day 5) Using Proctortrack

Assessment Day

Only on the day of your Simulation Session 1 Assessment click on https://ca-testing.verificient.com to connect with Proctortrack.

  • Use your Proctortrack username and password to login to your Proctortrack account.
  • Step-by-step instructions on connecting with your proctor are listed in the Virtual Proctortrack Exam Learner Guide. Please review prior to your scheduled assessment date. This is very IMPORTANT.
  • To access your exam, please view the VIDEO (timestamp 4:30 onwards).

Exam Reminders

  • Breaks are not permitted during the exam therefore plan a bio-break before your exam is released.
  • Please be prudent in the consumption of liquids prior to your exam.
  • The exam has an online calculator and an online notepad. Please note that physical paper or physical calculators are not allowed in compliance with RECO requirements to maintain exam security and integrity. 

vSIM Access Instructions Video
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Technical Support

If you experience any issues during your Day 5 assessment (exam) start, please reach out to Proctortrack.

Proctortrack: 1 (844) 753-2020 or visit https://www.proctortrack.com/support/