Course Materials on Zoom

Prior to attending a Simulation Session, you should make sure you know how to access the following digital materials from your course LMS:

  • Daily Participant Workbooks.
  • Daily Form Booklets. 
  • Action Planning Booklet.

Your workbooks are interactive, that is blank spaces and checklists can be completed digitally.

  • During Simulation Session, you will be using your course material independently and collaboratively with your peers.
  • You will use your participant workbook to record your own notes, the work of others, or group discussion notes.
  • The Forms booklet is used as a reference during activities and role play.
  • The Action Planning Booklet is used to track your progress and identify action steps for success.
  • During group work, one member will SHARE SCREEN the view of their participant workbook, adopt the role of scribe as they record the group’s notes, and save the group’s work. This is similar to using flip chart paper in an in-person classroom.
  • The salesperson in a role play activity, will SHARE SCREEN the view of an agreement so a buyer/seller can follow along as the pre-printed clauses of that agreement are being explained to them.