Virtual Simulation Session 2

Hello and welcome!

Congratulations on successfully completing your first four courses and embarking on a new journey of your real estate program with virtual Simulation Session 2: Commercial Real Estate Transaction.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT — To join your upcoming Simulation 2 Session and Simulation Assessment (Exam), please review and complete the following by selecting each topic from the side menu:

  • Proctortrack Onboarding
  • Simulation Session Knowledge Readiness
  • Simulation Session Technical Readiness
  • How to Join Simulation and Access Materials
  • Simulation Session Agenda
  • On Your Assessment Day (Day 4) using Proctortrack
  • Remediation Day

ATTENDANCE - 100% attendance is required

Simulation sessions are mandatory, which require you to attend and actively participate in all session days, activities and group-work discussions. An easy way to keep this in mind is: "Attendance" equals "Attention." 

Attendance will be recorded each day and monitored throughout the program. Facilitators will record attendance and will report to the Associate Dean at the end of each day/end of vSim Session. Facilitators do not make decisions on attendance issues. Exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the Associate Dean and supporting documentation will be required. Please consult the Simulation Session Policy for full details (it is also important to review the Fees, Payments & Refunds Policy).

If you have an anticipated attendance issue or if you experience interruptions to your attendance, notify your facilitator immediately.

Kind regards,

Miguel Lameiro, Associate Dean