Collaborate on Zoom

Simulation session activities resemble real-world environments and include the opportunity to work in pairs and small/large groups. These activities will require you to collaborate with your peers to solve problems, discuss scenarios, and to analyze questions posed by your facilitator.

Collaborating with your peers can take place in the main ZOOM WINDOW in large class discussions or in BREAKOUT ROOMS with a partner or in your small group.

Zoom Window Large Group Discussions

  • To provide responses or feedback during large class discussions, your facilitator will prompt you to answer by typing questions, into the CHAT window, or by ANNOTATING the class whiteboard.

Breakout Room Small Group Discussions:

  • Your facilitator will create breakout rooms where you will collaborate with your peers in pairs or in small groups. Each day of Simulation, you will be assigned to a different small group.
  • When joining your small group, make note of your room number as you join the breakout room.
  • A message appears to confirm you are joining your assigned breakout room. Each breakout room has a Zoom control bar.
  • The CHAT window messages within a breakout room are specific to that breakout room and will not be carried over to the main class. However, messages from the main class in the CHAT window can be read while in the breakout room.
  • Your facilitator may provide instructions in the CHAT window to assist with your group work.

Zoom Breakout Room Video

virtual classroom

Communicating with Your Facilitator: 

  • While in Breakout Rooms When you are in your breakout room, your facilitator will communicate to all the groups by sending BROADCAST MESSAGES. These messages typically appear at the top of your breakout room window.
  • As noted previously, your facilitator may also use the CHAT window to provide you instructions while in your small groups.
  • Your facilitator will also pop into each group to check in and offer to answer any questions.
  • If you require assistance from your facilitator at any time when you are in your breakout room group, you can click the ASK FOR HELP button on your breakout room window control bar.
  • A pop-up window will appear to confirm your request for help, has been received by your facilitator (host).
  • In the event your facilitator is busy with another group, you will receive another message, and can request for help again.

Sharing Your Content in Breakout Rooms:

  • To collaborate as a group, we encourage group members to share the content you are working on as a visual reference.
  • For example, if your group has been assigned to discuss and respond to three questions, you can in SIDE-BY-SIDE mode and in GALLERY VIEW, share your participant workbook using SHARE SCREEN.
  • This allows all group members to visually follow along as they take independent notes in their own workbook.
  • Some activities, will require one member from each group to adopt the role of scribe to ensure all group discussions are recorded.